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Publication of fake news stories via Alalam’s hacked Twitter account

Saudi hackers who began penetrating Alalam’s Twitter account 6 days ago, in their latest efforts in disseminating bogus stories have published an untruthful piece about a telephonic conversation between Hassan Rouhani — the President of Iran — and Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani — Qatar’s Emir — regarding the possibility of setting up a military base in Qatar.
The publication of these fraudulent stories without links which refer to Alalam’s main website — — attest the falsified status of those stories by hackers.
Saudi news agencies and websites, though fully aware of the fact that Alalam’s Twitter account has been hacked, publish these false news stories immediately, designating their collusion with the hackers.
It’s worth mentioning that despite numerous legal investigations by Alalam regarding the hack, Twitter refuses to reinstate its account. Alalam’s account was also verified by Twitter, meaning it had the blue badge indicating it was authenticated.

tele en icon Publication of fake news stories via Alalams hacked Twitter account

sharethis Publication of fake news stories via Alalams hacked Twitter account

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