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Zero Hour Arriving for Syrian Army’s Anti-Terrorism Operation in Eastern Hama

The source said that a large number of fresh army soldiers, including fighters of Dar’a al-Qalamoun, and a large volume of military equipment have been dispatched by the army to the Eastern direction of the town of al-Salamiyah to take part in an imminent large-scale operation in Central Syria.

Meanwhile, the source said that the army units engaged in fierce clashes with ISIS along the oil pipeline, inflicting major casualties on the terrorists.

In the meantime, the Russian and Syrian fighter jets pounded ISIL’s movements in the village of Abu Habilat, Abu Hanaya and Salba in Aqayrabat region, killing and wounding a large number of terrorists. 

Relevant reports said on Sunday that the army troops engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL in Eastern Hama, killing a number of them, including a notorious security commander.

Abu Issa al-Salbawi, a security commander of ISIL in Aqayrabat region, was killed along with a number of militants after their defense lines were stormed by the army men in Eastern Hama.

The army soldiers drove ISIL out of the village of Marina Southeast of the town of Ithriya, leaving a number of terrorists, including al-Salbawi dead.

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